1. Is no one elese shipping Kenna and Bash? Just me??

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Since the fandom is still rather small, reblog this post for more people to begin to watch and discover the show! This show is now in it’s second season and airs Saturdays on Starz! (If a link isn’t working let me know)

Episode 1: The Hanged Man
Episode 2: The Serpent
Episode 3: The Prisoner
Episode 4: The Magician
Episode 5: The Tower
Episode 6: The Devil
Episode 7: The Hierophant
Episode 8: The Lovers


    Since the fandom is still rather small, reblog this post for more people to begin to watch and discover the show! This show is now in it’s second season and airs Saturdays on Starz! (If a link isn’t working let me know)
    Episode 1: The Hanged Man
    Episode 2: The Serpent
    Episode 3: The Prisoner
    Episode 4: The Magician
    Episode 5: The Tower
    Episode 6: The Devil
    Episode 7: The Hierophant
    Episode 8: The Lovers
  4. ladytudors:

    Okay so this is REALLY IMPORTANT and I need everyone who considers themselves a Mash/Mabastian fan to read this. I always thought this ship fandom to be the calm and rational one, we were always the ones to see all sides and react reasonably to spoilers and scripts and have hardly ever reacted to anything with hate. But right now? I can honestly say that I am, for the first time, so incredibly ashamed of this fandom, and if this brought any negative consequences to our show or our ship, it’ll technically be all our own fault for helping fuel it.

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    Good God, this has been going on?? O__o This makes me glad I just watch the fucking TV show every week and leave it at that. Maybe because my teen fandom years were waaay before Web 2.0, this whole “interaction with your show via social media” is bizarre and foreign and breaks through that wall I like to keep between me and the various creative teams. They do their job, and I’ll do mine - which is to watch the show, or not to watch if it eventually jumps the shark, etc. Whatever happened to fanfic, etc as a way to deal with fan butthurt? Must the show personnel get stalked and abused? WTF?

  5. My otp for Da Vinci demon’s is Riario & Zita!!!!


    Does anyone else in da fandom ship them? Or think they might be a serious ship in the show?

    I’m so afraid she’s going to kick the bucket by the end of the season. Riario’s angst in the opening scene of the season premiere (“All that we’ve lost”) makes me think he’s going to fall hard for her and then lose her. :(

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    I take back what I said about Hannibal being the rare horror show where smart characters behave smartly. Beverly was plain stupid. Is it unfair to say that? Of course she doesn’t know what we and Will know about Hannibal, but she was starting to suspect and wouldn’t that mean she’d know the kind of extremely dangerous mind she’d be maneuvering against? And then prepare accordingly? It feels more like someone else close to Will has to die in order for Jack and the BAU to start suspecting Hannibal. I just wish it wasn’t Beverly dying in the service of the plot because she’s so fantastic. But that’s kind of the point, right? She hunted when she should have gone fishing.

    Theresa DeLucci - “Hannibal Is the Best Buzzkill

    I really can’t agree with this assessment of Bev’s behavior.  Bedelia behaved like a professional and a therapist when she decided that Hannibal was dangerous.  She made her arrangements, told Hannibal and Jack about her decision, offered Will support, and then decamped immediately with an eye on her own safety.  Will’s behaving like Will; he’s unable to really let his suspicions about Hannibal lie, even though he knows it makes him sound completely delusional at a time when he can’t afford to have people writing him off.  Asked to choose between sparing himself and nailing Hannibal, Will is leaning toward stopping the killer than saving himself.  Bev is more complicated.  

    She’s Will’s friend, and she’s the sort of friend who comes to find your ass in the woods in the middle of the night when you’re in the middle of having a nervous breakdown and might be a danger to yourself or others.  She wants to believe there’s some way out for him, some way he hasn’t done what they know he’s done.  She’s also a cop.  She’s not interested in letting killers go, or being told to back off of suspects.  And what she’s doing by breaking into Hannibal’s house is behaving like a cop who’s been put in a unique position by her friendship with Will, her instincts as a cop, and Jack’s fast-and-loose approach to standards of evidence.

    She wants to believe Will.  Jack’s made it clear that her continuing professional relationship with Will is off the books, and that he can’t know about it.  When she sees what appears to be a safe opportunity to prove or disprove Will’s pet theory—a theory which seems slightly more plausible as more pieces fit together—she takes it.  She has every reason to believe that this will be as safe an outing as possible; Hannibal is with Jack, of all people, seeing to Jack’s wife.  He should be neatly tied up while she pokes around.  Still, she keeps her gun out.  She’s going into this with some understanding that it’s potentially very dangerous.  When she sees that she’s been caught, she opens fire.

    She’s essentially Miriam Lass 2.0.  Jack’s made her complicit with his need for investigations to go his way, and this has been established over and over again.  When Mutt & Jeff sass him about evidence, he demands to speak to Bev about it.  When Will begins to snap back, he leaves Bev to coax him back in line.  When she (correctly) interprets his desire to keep Will available as a resource in spite of the screamingly obvious arguments against it, he goes through the motions of calling her to account and then makes it clear that he has to have both eyes shut while she does exactly what he wants her to.  She’s been left to find probable cause on her own, deprived of the back-up to which being a cop entitles her, and her desire to see Will exonerated pushes her into miscalculating the risk she’s running.  

    Miriam Lass walked into Hannibal’s house blind—a novice trawling for workplace gossip, maybe about  a surgeon everyone thought was just a little bit off, that might lead her to a killer—and realized her mistake far too late to do anything about it.  

    Bev walked into Hannibal’s house on the knife’s edge of belief about his status as a killer, with her gun out and ready to pull the trigger.

    If Will was wrong, or delusional, or manipulating her…her professional relationship with Hannibal might suffer.  Conceivably, Hannibal could press charges for breaking and entering, or file a formal complaint against her with the Bureau.  But he’d proved tolerant and cooperative so far, humoring every last effort to demonstrate that Will’s accusations were baseless.  He took the stand in Will’s defense and called him a friend.  He’s been understanding.  The likely consequence of getting caught doing what she was doing would be a chilling effect on their work together, or the cessation of it all together.  She has faith in what Will does, but Hannibal’s work has so far been the sort of thing easily duplicated by another profile or forensic technician.  It’s a consequence that can be borne.  

    And, of course, the most likely consequence of all was that she wouldn’t be caught.  An innocent man who finds himself missing a vacu-packed kidney from cold storage might not be too inclined to think much of it, and if he does, he certainly isn’t going to think that someone specific broke into his house and stole it based on the fevered rantings of his incarcerated friend.  It becomes a minor breach of trust, the sort of thing to be filed away and forgotten about as the next trial progresses.

    And if Will was right, then she would be certain about where to direct the Bureau’s resources to catch and convict a brutal multiple-murderer.  She’s not going to confront Hannibal.  She’s deliberately picked a time when he’ll be occupied in order to pilfer some small but utterly conclusive item.  It’s meant to be recon, not a sortie.  She steals the kidney, matches it to a victim, and…it’s inadmissible.  Naturally.  She knows this.  If she obtained the evidence illegally, it can’t go any further than her.  If she brings in someone else, it’s conspiracy.  If anyone ever finds out, anything they find based on it will be excluded from evidence as well, as fruit of the poisoned tree.  Her fact-finding mission can’t tip Hannibal off but has to give her enough trust-me points that she can argue Jack into assigning a tail and ordering stake-outs.  She has to be able to say “I know I’m right, but you can’t ask me how I know I’m right” to him, and she has to be able to make it stick.

    Going in alone isn’t necessarily the wisest move she could make, and the viewer knows that it’s absolutely unsafe.  Will even warns her to stay away from him.  But it’s Will speaking to Bev-his-friend, who is (unfortunately in this case) the same Bev who came to retrieve him after his lost time and the same Bev who shot the Other Mother.  Bev-the-cop doesn’t blink.  In the face of solving the murders, Bev puts her gloves on and goes looking for evidence.

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    I may be forced to do terrible things. I have done terrible things.

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    alaynetully replied to your post “The Real Life Sebastian”

    imagine bash and mary choosing embroidery patterns together tho



    Hee! i swear, Frary shippers, I’m not dancing on your grave (hah.) I just really love the idea that the writers had a plan…

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    Anonymous asked: can you please keep your mash shit away from the frary tag!!!?!?!?!?

    Ah, excellently argued, my friend. I bow to your erudite refutation.

    Considering my post was about Mary’s various REAL LIFE ships, I fail to see why Frary did not apply. Though maybe I should have also added MOTHWELL and MARNLEY tags in the interest of total fairness.

  10. There’s more to Mary than just Francis

    I don’t get all the hate for Bash, whose crime in the eyes of so many Frary shippers seems to be that he’s 1) fictional, and 2) interfering with the historical canon of Mary x Francis. I’ve been interpreting Bash’s character as the writers condensing Mary’s story to include her later stage of life. I don’t know how long the story arc of Reign is going to be and when they’re planning to end the series, but it would be a SHAME to neglect Bothwell simply because he wasn’t in the France era of her life.

    So that is where Bash comes in - he’s reckless yet cagey, has a dark side, and inspires Mary to act on her impulses. And her life certainly wasn’t dull when he was in the picture. So the writers have removed the alleged rape and very dark, rough edges of his character and presented us with a suitable for teen primetime substitute in the person of Bash and put him and Francis at odds instead of a Bothwell/Mary/Darnley triangle (which ends in syphilis, explosions, murder and insanity - stuff more suited to Showtime than The CW).

    ETA: Figures I’d get an anon hate-o-gram from a Frarian for this, even though I’m just discussing history vs. dramatic license & a shrinking of the historical time frame. FFS. I started out hating the show for its historical inaccuracy (Francis not being sickly and apparently possessing descended testicles, unlike RL Francis), bad acting, and excruciatingly anachronistic costumes, but it’s grown on me and I’m now an avid fan. No amount of incoherent anon Frarian abuse can change my attitude or theory about the relationship dynamics of the show.

  12. Another AEC nugget

    Buried in a newspaper archive. The March 18th, 1904 issue of The New York Sun has a small news item about a certain drama student.

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    the awkward moment when all of your friends who watch reign like francis and mary more than bash and mary…


     and your just like…



    i can’t even. i love you guys and i don’t hate on your ship. i just don’t quite understand it yet. like why would you ship them idk. 

  14. STFU, Rick. It was the same morally-murky survival instinct that saved your brat in Season 2.

    Does Rick even know that Shane shot Otis? Which only proves the point that what people don’t know won’t hurt them. So no one needs to know about Carol.

  15. It’s got to be hard for an actor to be the only non-sucky part of the same demographic your show is desperately trying to aim for.

    If the show was more BASH (the name requires CAPSLOCK) and His Royal Horniness and Evil Anne Shirley providing the sex and intrigue, it’d be The Best Show ever.

    C’mon, show-makers. Make it happen. :P I propose an episode where an ax murderer is loose in the castle and he has a grudge against vapid, annoying ladies-in-waiting who can’t act worth a lick.


    Don’t worry. We’re behind you, sweetums.